How to protect your MacBook from water damage?

Convenient, powerful and compact MacBook – the best friend and helper at work, on a business trip, traveling or just spending leisure time. However, during the active use of the laptop, many people often do not think about the observance of the rules of operation, which often plays a trick on the owners. In particular, we are talking about contact with a liquid.

We all love to play some computer games, watching movies, surfing the Internet or working at a computer with coffee, tea, beer, wine or just water. At the same time, we rarely think about the fact that one careless movement is enough for all this liquid to be on an open laptop, which will very quickly fail after such “water procedures”. Also, besides the traditional tipping cups or glasses, often the cause of corrosion of internal elements, short circuits, swollen battery and other breakdowns become wet hands, not wiped after washing, wet laptop in rain, occasional stay of the laptop in high humidity (in the bathroom, for example) etc. Remember, even a small contact of the MacBook with water or other liquid is dangerous for a laptop! Be extremely careful during coffee and tea parties, and do not forget to dry your hands before sitting with your Mac!

Recovery Instructions for a MacBook After Flooding

If you do fill up your MacBook with water or something else, don’t panic, we’ll tell you what to do to save your laptop and prevent serious consequences as much as possible from moisture before coming to the service center. We should not forget that any electronics is not designed for contact with water, and its components (boards, circuits) react very quickly, it goes on for seconds! So, first of all you need to calm down, then proceed to resuscitation:

Step 1. Turn off the Mac as quickly as possible by pressing and holding the power button!

Step 2. Disconnect it from the network and peripheral devices (if they are connected).

Step 3. Take paper napkins or towels and wipe off the liquid as much as possible. Option number 2 – turn the laptop keyboard up and put it open on a towel on the edge of the table (the keyboard is on the table, the screen hangs).

Step 4. If you have a screwdriver at hand, quickly turn over the laptop, unscrew the screws that fix the back cover, and remove the battery.

Step 5. Urgently you will have to take MacBook to the service center or call the courier to the house for professional prevention or elimination of malfunctions. If you are interested in macbook pro water damage repair cost may depend on various factors. But the price of repair will definitely be lower than buying a new laptop.

Some “experts” advise a lot of “effective” methods of solving problems at home! For example, place the poured MacBook in a container of rice or other cereal, which supposedly “stretches” all the moisture. Trust these recommendations is to say goodbye to the laptop! The only way to save your “not cheap” laptop is to follow the instructions described above and contact as soon as possible the specialists who will clean the Mac and other necessary measures. Cleaning the laptop after the ingress of water is a rather complicated and lengthy process. If the liquid was sweet, for example, tea or coffee with sugar, the process becomes even more complicated. It is very important to understand that the only way to fix the problem is to go to professionals.

What is absolutely not necessary to do with your Mac after flooding:

  • Dry on the battery, using a hair dryer or a fan!
  • Independently disassemble, clean, and wipe the internal components with cotton wool, cloth!
  • Wait, that in a day the moisture will disappear somewhere (it will dry up, evaporate)!
  • Fill with rice, silica gel and other exotic means!
  • Turn on the laptop!