How to improve the quality of sex

When it comes to improving family life, the first thing to think about is improving intimacy. A great way to do this is to add surprises in bed, choose new positions or live out long-standing sexual fantasies. Don’t forget that the easiest way to resolve conflicts is a regular conversation. Talk to your lady about what she would like to try in bed – perhaps this will be a great option for fixing your problems. If you need more potency products, visit

Do you need to spend time together?

The attention you give to your soulmate at the beginning of a relationship gets less and less every year. In order for a woman to stay close to you, you need to spend time with her regularly. This applies not only to sex – walking together, going to the movies and other pleasant pastime can be a real salvation. And what about surprises? How long have you pampered your spouse with nice gifts, fulfilled her requests? Ordinary at first glance actions can lead to a significant improvement in the relationship and increased interest. Joint hobbies can also help melt the ice between you. It’s not just watching TV in the evening. Maybe you used to go hiking or riding bicycles? It’s worth reviving forgotten traditions when you had a good time together.

Fading Passion

When a young couple kisses every chance they get, that’s fine. But when the kissing stops being so desirable and passes into the category of ordinary, you can safely say that the passion is gone. The same can be said about undressing. If during the relationship, undressing your partner led to a strong desire for intimacy, over time, interest may fade appreciably. Do not let this happen. Erotic undressing helps to rekindle interest and return fire to your relationship.

Silence during sex

Decreased sexual interest can be due to the lack of talking or moaning during intercourse. Married couples often face this problem – it can occur in the presence of children. After all, no one wants to wake up the baby, who is sleeping sweetly in the next room, with loud moans. Try at least sometimes to send children to grandmothers or to have privacy when they are not at home (when they are in kindergarten/school, at sections and so on). Or choose an alternative: quiet and languid moans, faintly heard pleasant words whispered in their ears can solve the problem.

Cleanliness and hygiene in the first place

After marriage, many people stop looking after themselves. And it’s not about regular shaving or makeup – we are talking about the basic rules of personal hygiene. Naturally, you will watch each other in any form and in any shape, but do not forget about the shower before sex and regular brushing of teeth. At first it may seem that it doesn’t matter to your mate whether you bathe or not, but that’s not true. It’s much more pleasant to touch a body that smells like shower gel than to sweat after a hard day’s work.

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