How to overcome depression after a relationship breakup

Unfortunately, every person in their life faces the loss of a relationship. And the longer and closer the relationship was, the harder depression can be after the breakup. When a person experiences a breakup, his feelings are so painful and painful that it seems that this happens only to him. However, psychologists highlight common features of the experience of losing a relationship.

It is clear that in a pair one partner is the initiator of the parting. In this case, his experience of the breakup will be less painful, because it was he who made this decision, it was balanced and considered. Therefore, he has already “said goodbye” to the relationship in the process of making this decision.

The second partner has to accept this situation. And he is the one who can be depressed after the breakup. As a rule, the first reaction to the news of the breakup is shock and denial. A person cannot believe that this is happening to him and his relationship. He feels pain, fear, guilt that he may have done something wrong, and the relationship is broken. Many people try to change instantly to get their partner back. Often these attempts do not work, and then there is a high probability of strong anger against the initiator of the breakup. In addition, the person continues to be in the past mentally, denying that the relationship is over. During this period, there is a sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, a sense of unreality, loss, constant thoughts about the relationship and the partner.

Then comes the acceptance of the fact of parting. Awareness of the loss of the relationship as if slowly penetrates all levels of the person – mind, feelings, behavior. At this stage, the person experiences the greatest pain. After this stage, the person begins to gradually emerge from depression, he learns to live without a partner, it is as if he “wakes up” after a bad dream and feels the fullness of life again. The strong connection that the person felt with his former partner is torn. The same “vacation” is happening. After that, the person is ready for a new relationship and even for matrimonial.

But sometimes the recovery process is broken, as if “stuck” at some stage. And then there is a possibility of prolonged depression after parting – the person remains in a constant experience of loss of relationships, not allowing themselves to live a full life. It is also possible to have ideas of revenge, attempts to punish the “guilty” through loud trials, sharing property, and unfortunately, sharing children. Often emotional problems also pass to the body level, health deteriorates, a person goes into illness, begins endless wandering around doctors, looking for medical help, but actually not wanting a cure. In this situation, it is better to start looking for a new partner immediately using the Internet.

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