Panera Bread gift card

Panera Bread is a chain of café-bakeries in fast casual format, i.e. on the one hand it is a network concept focused on mass segment and fast service, on the other hand the menu of the chain includes more complex in cooking than in classic fast food, dishes, complex ingredients such as fresh dough. Panera Bread’s menu consists of baked goods, which are prepared on the spot from fresh, that is not frozen, dough, sandwiches to order, soups, salads, coffee, prepared from freshly ground and roasted beans, and other light drinks. Fresh dough is delivered daily to 1800 restaurants of the chain from 20 production centers. The chain is developing, actively using the franchising model.

Panera Bread card

Using this gift card, you have the opportunity to buy excellent food and get it as quickly as possible. The menu here is wider than in the usual fast food, so you can focus on the ability to choose from a variety of dishes. Discount card will help you save your money when buying food.

Panera Bread is known for its innovative IT system integrated into production. It is not just a program for automating standard restaurant business processes, it is a unique IT system for a particular business, which creates new competitive advantages in customer service. In other words, Panera Bread uses technologies not only to automate old processes, but also to invent a new retail model with the help of IT.

Orders are accepted at the cash desk. There are no waiters at Panera Bread. In the showcase there is a wide range of ready fresh baked goods. Other products are prepared to order – sandwiches, salads, soups, pasta. The dishes are simple enough for the restaurant, but complicated for classical fast food. The menu is presented on the posters above the cash desk, which are illuminated with directional lights. The menu is large enough, so there are more texts on the posters than images.

After paying for the order, the guest is given a giant tracker, which must be put on the table so that the employee can find you and bring the ready order. The restaurant is always quite noisy and crowded. The atmosphere is somewhat reminiscent of the popular McDonalds, only with “home” interior, soft floor covering and lack of paper dishes. The guests are quite different – a lot of students, pensioners, middle-aged women – the usual urban middle class. The interior is quite simple. Furniture and decoration materials are designed for a large flow of visitors.

In 7-10 minutes after you sit down at the table, an employee of the restaurant (busboy) in a green apron, reminiscent of Starbucks, and the cap will bring a ready order and pick up trays with empty dishes from neighboring tables. The location of the tracker to which the order was attached is shown on a special screen in the order picking area and allows you to quickly find your table. If you put the tracker, for example, under a bag or flip it over, the system may lose it and then you have to look for the guest, shouting out the order number.

This is the end of Panera Bread, where IT technologies help to prepare a variety of menus quickly, but also to serve guests quickly and efficiently. Better quality, more complex and fresh, but fast food. This is the fast casual concept, which is growing in America today.

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